Best Minimalist Exterior Home Design Ideas

  • 2 min read
  • May 02, 2019

Many people often hear about the concept of a minimalist home, but not everyone knows what kind of house it means. To learn more about minimalist homes, you can learn by looking at the various images of minimalist homes that are pretty much available, be it in magazines that talk about home design, the Internet, or TV shows.

In general, the concept of a minimalist house is a house made by progressive aspects of functions compared to the exterior and interior. But it does not mean that the interior and exterior look is not very attractive, but it is better than the usual model house model that we see together.

Before we discuss a kind of minimalist home design, we comment a bit on the exterior that belongs to the minimalist house. This type of home can be easily found as we walk through the residential area and see the details of their home. The exterior used by a minimalist house typically uses special accents such as accent lines, the use of simple yet attractive exterior colors and the curves of a room using a square concept and a vertical or horizontal line of lines.

After knowing the exterior features of a minimalist house, we discussed more about the design of a modern minimalist home. What is the design and what is the trademark of the design? Modern Seerischfürsisch modern minimalism means a house that was built more effective and efficient in the use of available space, with a bandage to provide a modern or futuristic look. This design can be built in 1 floor or 2 floors, depending on the wishes and needs of the homeowner. In view of the purpose of using the existing areas more effectively and efficiently, the concept of this house generally does not use very large furniture, most of which are used as multifunctional furniture, namely in addition to its utility, also as a partition or partition wall of the Room used with another room. The advantage of this design is its appearance is attractive, modern and elegant, so there are many who choose this design compared to other minimalist designs.

Another design that we can not miss next is a simple minimalist home design, a concept that is almost the same as modern home design, but emphasizing more simplicity and simple impression that represents the owner’s personality who loves simplicity. This design is widely used in high quality public housing to meet the purchasing power of consumers who are the target market. The advantage of this design is that it can be suppressed in the cost issue, so that we who work with Salary Fitting Pasan can make a home with this simple concept. To make us feel at home as home residents, we can then supplement the simple impression displayed with a variety of required spaces, e.g. Entertainment room with its various Sarananya or small garden as a place to chat with all members of the family.

Before we decide to create a minimalist home design as it is, we recommend considering the following factors: how much is the budget available to build a house, how much land is available and what area of ​​the building is desired (To determine if you are going to build a minimalist house 1 floor or 2 floors) which bring themes in the house, such as natural themes, traditional themes, modern themes, and so on, to materials and materials too This is used to build houses. Hopefully useful.