Choosing the Right Ceramic Living Room Floor

  • 3 min read
  • May 27, 2019

If in a wedding the very important thing is the bride, then in a home interior the thing is crucial that does not escape attention is the living room. Designing a living room that is intended is not easy because it requires expertise and accuracy in the process; if you are wrong to organize the living room, then the end result of the arrangement is usually inappropriate with what they do want.

Not only in the context of furniture design and selection, but you should also pay attention to the right selection of ceramics, which will certainly add to the aesthetic value of your living room, which is luxurious and elegant and can make it comfortable for everyone to be there for a long time. Well, what is your living room design concept?

Would you like to design a living room with a minimalistic nuance? If so, then the choice of ceramic, which is suitable for the design of a minimalist home, a simple ceramic motif, that the size of the standard is not large, so that the living room will have a great impression, despite the minimalist design.

In addition, you must also choose the motif and the matching color. For themes, you can choose the box theme for a minimalist living room design. Or, if necessary, you can also choose abstract motifs, circles or other ceramic motifs that convey the impression of being simple and not excessive. For more information, see the same summary below.

Although your living room design is minimalist, this does not mean that you are unable to showcase elegant and luxurious as well as your minimalist living room. You can choose the ceramic with elegant colors and easy, such as white color, cream, chocolate or even you can choose the color of the ceramic mixture between cream color and also brown.

For the white ceramic paint you can combine it with a more varied or stronger wall paint. Suppose you choose a wall color purple, light green, blue and other bold colors. Then you can mix these bold colors with the white paint on one wall of your home, and that’s no problem.

Or even you can paint all your living room walls with bold colors, then you can choose other furniture that have white color to match the floor or white ceramic that you choose.

Tips to choose color ceramics Modern minimalist living room

Well, below are some tips you can follow to choose the ceramic floor of the living room, including the following:

  • Clock furniture in the room and wall colors of the room

If you want to design a living room, then you should pay attention to furniture that is diguanakn for your living room. You need to pay attention to the colors that your furniture has, if you already understand it, then this is the time you choose the color of the ceramic that matches the color of the living room furniture. Or if you want, you also have to combine it or adjust it with the living room wall color so that it has an elegant and not accidental look.

  • Clock decoration indoors

The decorations that are in the living room should also be noted because it is able to determine the concept of the ceramics used. Not only the color of the furniture, but you can also choose a ceramic color that matches your decorating colors.

  • Select suitable motive and suitable color

Choose a ceramic motif that will complement your living room shade, if you prefer an elegant minimalist concept, then you can choose a simple ceramic motif and then adjust the color to the overall concept of your living room.