Creating Minimalist Bedroom Design

  • 2 min read
  • May 24, 2019

After a variety of activities, the bedroom becomes one of the homes you want to visit. Therefore, it needs a comfortable room condition, so you can rest comfortably. No need for a spacious room, small rooms can also make you comfortable with the right decor and design. as? Check out our minimalist bedroom design tips below!

See room lighting and wall colors

When designing a small room, you should be able to understand the trick, make the illusion that the room looks wider. One way is to use good lighting. Try to remove parts of the dark room so that all corners of the room can be clearly visible. Also, use neutral wall colors to make the room look wider, such as white, pastel, light blue, beige or soft pink. You can also use the mirror to give the room the impression of applying these minimalist bedroom design tips, you can consult the interior design so as not to make the wrong choice of colors.

Pay attention to the bed position

The next minimalist room design tips pay attention to the bed position. Having a small bedroom means you have to be able to place the right furniture and beds. Do not choose a bed that is too big to keep the room from cramping. Preferably choose a bed that does not have too many ornaments and can be tasseled on the wall. The bed should always be a focal point and the best way to do it is to place it on the wall of the most visible room. That way you can access the mattress from each facets.

Use carpet

Many consider the use of carpet in the room only decorative details and additional ornaments. In fact, carpet has a feature that is very functional because it can help make the small room look more spacious. You have to pay attention to carpet and room size comparisons. The easy way, the carpet is better not more than 50% of the area of ​​the room. If your bed is in the middle of the wall, place the carpet 2/3 on the bed. With this minimalist bedroom design, you must be able to carpet room theme. In addition to being more comfortable to look at, the colors and patterns of carpets, which are aligned with the theme of the room, become more spacious.

Customize a unique location

Having a small room presents a challenge for you who have many things. This minimalist room design tips This advises to be creative. You can z. For example, use a special storage box on the bottom of the bed and use the wall shelves as a place to store books or boards to hang your bags, shoes, and other items. If you are interested in trying out more unique things, you can put a collapsible bed in the wall. It requires greater effort in the manufacture, but if successful, you can enjoy the comfort of the bed without being hampered by the size of the bed.