Guide to Choosing Ceramics for Each Room

  • 2 min read
  • May 21, 2019

A need of the construction or renovation of the house.

Ceramics are not only used to coat the floor. Ceramics are also used for walls in bathrooms or kitchens. Ceramic motifs are becoming ever more diverse, so that their use is wider.

However, you should still pay attention to some principles before you apply ceramics to your home. For precise editing, you should follow these tips.

Outdoor floor

Choose you ceramic, the weatherproof is. In addition, ceramic for the terrace has a patterned and not shiny surface.

Ceramic for the terrace is not slippery, if it is rain water exposed.


Bathroom ceramics are usually smaller than ceramics for family rooms and bedrooms. Choose a light rough texture so that it is not slippery when it is wet and easy to clean.

Ceramic wall-mounted bathrooms also use ceramics that are chemically resistant and easy to clean.


Ceramics for the kitchen should be selected, the test is and not very shiny. The reason that the kitchen floor is always threatened by oil, flour and other fatty foods.

When using glossy ceramics, the paint quickly becomes dull when exposed to food and oil.


The ladder floor is mandatory to use a structured ceramic that is not slippery and has a non-slip effect to prevent slipping when climbing stairs.

No wonder many prefer to use parquet or floor carpeting as a staircase floor.

Floor near door and living room

The input area is usually for exterior suspensions, so you have a thick, stable ceramic need. You can use ceramic that is not textured and shiny to give a clean look to the living area.


Ceramics are much cheaper than wood or marble floors. For the bedroom should be a colorful ceramic choose and use ceramic avoid – how terrazzo type.

This ceramics is not on the ground, so always think, the soil is in a clean condition.