How to Care for the Right Roof

  • 2 min read
  • Jun 05, 2019

The roof offers protection against various weather conditions such as rain and sunburn. You must also provide the protection of the roof.

One of the seasons that ruins the roof and causes disruption is the rainy season. This season, the community had its own broken or leaky roof. Incoming rainwater can damage furniture and household appliances. In addition, it can make wet floors and leave the walls of the house weathered and moldy.

Often, many people do not regularly take care of the roof of their house. New damage was seen as the rainy season arrived. It is not surprising that the service of repairing the roof is very salable, especially in the rainy season. With the need to do the renovation quickly, not a few that spend expensive on the repair process is done quickly.

Prevention is the best solution. You certainly do not want to experience the above. How can you prevent roof damage with early detection? The only option is to do maintenance on a regular basis. Here’s how to take care of roofs for all seasons.

  • Regular roof cleaning

To take care of the roof, you have to clean it regularly. Clean the roof of any possibility that can damage the roof, eg. As garbage, moss or other dirt. Also make sure that the water runs off smoothly and no dirt can be reconciled. This treatment must be routinely performed for two weeks or at least once a month.

  • Clean ventilation

Next you can make sure that the ventilation holes have brilliant conditions. That is, there is no garbage, thick dust or debris that accumulates each other. This must be done so that the steam circulation can run well.

  • Free from animal cruelty

Pests are one of the causes that can often damage the roof quickly. Call it mice and other rodents. These animals can infiltrate the roof, walk around or create nests that worsen the roof. In addition, dirt from this animal so the source of the disease can also decrease the durability of the roof.

In order to prevent the appearance of rats in the house and make the roof as their nest, you must be careful when you put food. In addition, the disposal of residual waste should be done correctly. Rats appear if you do not take good care of the house.

  • Roof selection and installation

Prevent better than cure, and that also applies to the roof of your home. One of the precautions you can do is to choose a high quality roof. You can add protection with waterproofing paint for roof or concrete.

In addition, you must also rent a professional roof installation service. Reduce the factors that can cause damage to the roof, such as: B. the installation by an inexperienced craftsman.

  • Check the ceiling

When checking the roof you should also see the condition of the ceiling. In addition to the roof, the ceiling can also be the cause of leaks in your home. Poor ceiling conditions facilitate the occurrence of leaks. You have to re-manage the ceiling, whose condition is not ideal.