How to Choose a Home Interior Design

  • 1 min read
  • Jun 02, 2019

The interior is one of the most important things of the home. Good interior makes the house attractive and certainly comfortable. The interior design can influence the atmosphere of the owner’s day. Not only that attractive iInterior can also increase the selling price of homes.

To create a beautiful interior design, you can customize it with your personality. For example, if you’re a simple person, avoid a fancy or glamorous property. Too many accessories are also not good because it can eliminate the features of a comfortable home. What is the good interior design after personality?

  • Ferminim and Anggun

If you, especially women, who have graceful and Ferminim characteristics, Shabby chic could be your interior design choice. Shabby Chic is an interior style from England. Victorian in style, the room feels elegant and antique. Choice of soft color, such as pastel color, or can also be flora motif. The furniture is white and sanded to create a vintage look.

  • Elegant

Classic design is suitable for you who are glamorous and elegant. This design is characterized by a touch of medieval European architectural style, reflecting the unmistakable nobility. The use of chandelier lamps and marble materials is used in classic design. The interior color usually uses golden color.

  • Modern

For you, who are trendy and modern, the modern design is suitable for your home. Contemporary design gives a different impression of the usual design, but still trendy and modern. This design tends to be simple, has no pattern or detail. The use of neutral colors like gray, black, brown and white.

  • Clean and easy

Skandavia identic design with a minimalist and clean Komnsep, the screw house just feels. The use of neutral colors, especially white and dominant wooden furniture. This design is suitable for those of you who like simplicity.