How to create a minimalist garden

  • 3 min read
  • May 09, 2019

Creating a garden in a narrow field is a minimalist look to be a homeowner’s dream, including arranging flowers on the patio even arranging a garden in the yard in your own way can also be done. But this little park can be a place to sit in your spare time, adding a touch of nuance to nature that you can create with a personal character style of the homeowner. The average house selector in Indonesia now only has a narrow yard, but still has to create a garden to give a color feel before entering the house.

The park is a country that usually before entering the house starting from a 3×3 or 4×4 size as the standard size of a small house for a new family. Although small, but it may look good if you follow some tips on how to make a minimalist garden in a narrow country.

  1. The garden is suitable for homeowner character.
    The home is where you live and you own that determines its shape. The construction of a garden should be planned as well as possible so that the plant grows well and is best positioned anyway. The park you create should be adapted to the type of plant to be planted. The style of the house is also associated with the plant shape so that it can be visualized harmoniously with the shape of the house. The choice of plants is actually pretty much started from colorful flowers combined with some other greenery.

Tip: Do not choose a plant that is too much of its color so that it does not match the house shape. For a minimalist home model, the maximum number of colors 3 or 4 should be better than garden coloring.

  1. Species of suitable plants grown in parks.
    You also have to understand what kind of plant is very suitable for growing in your home garden. This type of plant is also adapted to the state of the climate to keep its growth well. This plant that brings beauty with the harmonization of the color removed and mix the color of the house. Greeting a cool view. To beautify garden lights use able to beautify the color at night.
  2. Vertical horizontal system crop pattern.
    The taste of making a minimalist garden on the narrow land in your home can also be a combination of vertical or horizontal system planting patterns. Clear difference, special vertical arranged for garden clean up, while arranged horizontally clean in the garden of the country. Some homeowners create this horizontal garden for some stains used to plant some vegetables like eggplant, leaf spices, etc. This arrangement needs some supportive tools like aluminum shelves with different patterns like straight, zig zag, or a regular lined one. If the right horizontal garden is above the use of plant pots, to arrange the layout so that it looks neater.
  3. Touch the character of the homeowner.
    Each park will certainly have a difference in the position of the layout and the choice of plants placed. Give the character a homeowner’s touch as the identity of a kitchen garden, which is certainly in this not too wide area. Such as pot shape, plant type, to add boundaries such as fence or facade as a limiting thing, is more personal.
  4. Preferably choose less expensive care systems.
    True, there are some types of plants that require expensive treatment costs. Choose a plant that is not expensive treatment and not spoiled. To enhance the aesthetic value of a minimalist garden is to add one or two types of orchid plants in a specific place is more beautiful at the time of the issue of flowers with beautiful colors.
  5. Give him a touch of grass.
    A beautiful garden should be given some scales for the grass so that the green shades can be seen integrated with other color plants. Not to be complete, you can choose where this grass with the best position for a garden can be planted.
  6. Combine with natural stone.
    If you like a garden to put natural stone around the park the aesthetics of the shape will improve with the house. This natural stone can be placed on the wall or the footpath in the middle of the grass. The nuance is more natural when the whole plant is well grown.

To make this minimalist garden can actually be adapted to others other than those mentioned above. That is, if you are in an apartment that has a very large terrace that does not need grass or land to bump. But it needs some potted plants that you can use to arrange the vertical pattern,