How to Install a Lightweight Steel Roof

  • 2 min read
  • May 12, 2019

Advanced and innovative construction technology of the building today, producing the best solutions for users of building materials. Below memapaparkan in the field of roof construction, namely lightweight steel roof frames, focuses on the installation of lightweight steel roof frames.

Basically, the installation of lightweight steel roof frames has a wide range of technical requirements and systematic work steps. In terms of Tekhnik installation of mild steel is as follows:
How to install lightweight steel roof frames

Here are a few things to watch out for before performing the lightweight steel frame installation.

For the horses attached should be strong and stable, and mounted perpendicular to the ring beam.
Top-level flatness for NOK installation in any horse.
The rate is angled on the roof.
Coating or coating will not cause any damage.
No form changes due to order execution errors.

Once these technical requirements are met, the installation of new light steel horses can be realized.

There are three main stages of how to install this mild steel especially on roof frames, namely:

Leveling and marking (leveling and marking).

And below we offer above how to install lightweight steel frame of three stages:

The first step is prepared:

An overview of the roof planning to use for use and riding
Equipment for the installation of horses.
The Importance of K3 Equipment (Health & Safety) as a prime requirement to do the work above the level.

Leveling and marking (smoothing and coronation)

After the preparation is done, how to install the next light steel frame is the leveling and marking activities, namely:

Be sure to preserve the ring surface of the beam and elbow.
Make sure the circuit ring beam is fully bonded to the building part. And it’s already connected correctly in the column underneath.
Measure the distance between truss, and then mark the position to place the truss according to the workplan image.

Horses assembly

We come to the third stage of the horse attachment:

Once the horse is attached, it corresponds to the circle number that was marked. When installing time, ensuring the position of the Kana and left of the horses, not to reverse.
Look at the horses that stood upright to the ring beam.
For attaching horses with L-plate.
To tighten the plate L with the ringbar with Dynabolt, and add a beam to hold it as a temporary support, so that the horses do not change their position.
Installation of a NOK blasting material.
Mounting the stiffener as reinforcement.
Mounting the batten at a distance adapted to the roof covering used. At each meeting the lath with horses tied in screw (screw) size 10-16 x 16 as much as 2 pieces.
Outrigger assembly (Outrigger is an additional structure with large dimensions of the rod).
The mounting of the ceiling slat on top of the lower chord of the horses and on the screw (screw) is 120 cm each.

As little of our review, how to install lightweight steel frame for the base technology. Advice from us, if you want to use or wear this building material, choose the experts who understand the basic technical installation of lightweight steel frames.