The OutDoor Kitchen Turned out to be More Fun

  • 2 min read
  • May 25, 2019

In general, the kitchen in the house is minimalist and even luxury is part of the house, which is placed in the back of the house and invisible.

We do not say that it is wrong, but there are fresh ideas related to kitchens that you may be able to promote at home! Especially for you, who are the hobby of cooking.

In addition to the purpose of maintaining the cleanliness and sterility of your home from the aroma of dishes that are sometimes sealed and smoky, usually the homeowners put the kitchen behind the house, so if the kitchen is messy not only visible to the guests Who visits your house.

The kitchen is usually connected to a dining room, so it is not difficult to deliver food that is finished in the kitchen.

So, if you often eat with your family, you will feel less comfortable with cooking fumes in the kitchen. This is also the right choice for you to have a kitchen that is not too spacious and want a new Soritua atmosphere outdoors.

Give the ceiling a glassy touch

This one trick brings you a warm atmosphere in your kitchen and dining room.

By adding the glass to the ceiling, the lighting will be more natural directly from the sun.

This glass touch ceiling is well applied to a high ceiling of about 5-6 meters.

Covering high ceilings can also minimize unpleasant odors or smoke from your kitchen.

Add windows without bars

The large, no bars window in your dining room can give you a generous impression. Face the window to the garden is definitely more fun and refreshing.

Preferably this type of window is placed in the corner of the room. This gridless window can also help with air circulation around your kitchen and dining room, so your dining room does not feel airless.

Replace the wall with a bamboo curtain

If your kitchen or dining room is overlooking the garden, add the touch of bamboo curtain as a sweetener.

do not forget!! The room should not be too solid with massive wall dividers, give a little space also comfortable!

This bamboo curtain can also help keep the outside of the house wet in windy rain.

Make a canopy for nature

When placing your dining room outside, do not forget to make the canopy to protect it from the heat and rain.

Preferably a cement canopy, do not use mild steel.

Why so?

Very well! If you use mild steel, you will find it very hot during the day, as it absorbs sunlight perfectly and gets loud in heavy rain.