Tips for a Beautiful Garden in a Minimalist Home

  • 3 min read
  • May 17, 2019

The existence of the garden in a house is very helpful in realizing the atmosphere of a beautiful house, cool and comfortable. In addition, the house style minimalist house, which is always identical to the game of ornament concrete and iron.

The rigidity of this minimalist home model can be offset by the presentation of a garden in this. It does not matter if it’s a park in the house or garden outside the house. Both are equally important. And of course, it is very interesting to present for the garden in the minimalist house, and that is rarely done by the owners of the house.

Some say the garden in a minimalist house needs a space and expensive costs. Actually, it’s not always true, because if you know tricks and tips to present a unique and beautiful garden in your minimalist home, the cost is not big and inexpensive.

Here is a nice garden tips rating in a minimalist house:

  • Decide where the garden is made.

Consider every corner in your house as a place where the park is created.

Choose the corner of the room in the public space area like the living room and dining room. This place is perfect for the existence of a park. Once you have determined, choose one that is really suitable and can be viewed from different places.

  • Budget existing fees.

However, to make a garden in a minimalist house, it would cost to buy materials such as cement, sand, natural stone and plants. Also for the rental of craftsmen.

But you do not have to worry, the cost is not expensive Kok. The costs can be suppressed by specially working work.

If you are out of the office on a Saturday, your minimalist garden can be done on the day itself. There is no need to be this in one day because it is naturally untargeted, but the results will be very satisfying.

  • Create garden pattern

Mark the floor in a field line where the size of the garden is marked or penciled.

  • Create a design pattern sketch

To sketch your garden design pattern, you do not have to ask the architect for help with the design. You can work yourself. Take a piece of paper. Create the sketch lines with the pencil.

Imagine the design pattern of the garden according to your wishes. You do not have to worry about the results as ugly, because later you will learn and feel for yourself which ones are suitable and which are more beautiful to present.

  • Buy materials and plants

You can buy materials used in construction businesses such as cement, sand, brick, gravel and, of course, the ornamental plants of your choice.

  • Working on!

Here the key is not afraid. Work on the design patterns that you created. Imagine the garden! Then work …. If you are still unpacked on the design model, please emulate the finished design pattern on the attached photo here.

  • Give security

Finally, to keep the above garden safe in your minimalist home and not to be stepped on, make an iron bar on it like the example of the attached photo.

Iron bars can not be made should be placed in the welding workshop or in the workshop where the fence. With these iron bars, even though your garden is in the house, security is maintained and can not be entered by anyone from the outside.

Such tips when presenting a beautiful garden in your minimalist house. Hopefully, the presence of the garden in your home can give a more comfortable and beautiful touch that can be felt by all members of your family. Congratulations on creating!